The Crater is a heavily forested, tropical territory in the central western portion of the continent . As its name suggests, it is a very wide and deep crater, formed in ages past most likely from a planetary collision with a large meteor. It shares borders with Tarsin, Tieke, and Harangin, but is most accessible from Tarsin via Crater's Edge, and least accessible from Harangin due to the treacherous nature of the mountains along The Crater's southern border.

At its center is a large lake. Two exceptionally tall trees, called harlech trees by the tikedi, tower over the forest. One is located on the northern bank of the lake, the other is on the southern bank. Both are home to large colonies of tekk.

Crater's Edge is an area near the communities of Gessick and Oros where very low cliffs and shallow slopes allow easy access to the forests of The Crater. It is traditionally a hunting ground, and recognized as such by both the tikedi and the tekk. The tekk regularly send their weak and sick to Crater's Edge to be slain and used for their resources by Tarsin hunters. Tikedi are also allowed to venture through the area without harm, unless they've warranted it by disturbing the balance of the Circle.

It is also commonly traveled through by healers and herbalists, as it boasts many rare and potent medicinal plants, such as Grapper's Crutch.

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