Harlech tree. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

Harlech Trees are extremely rare, and yet the most visible plants in the entire Crater. Their branches grow as vast canopies, equally spaced apart and formed as the tree grows taller, with patches of bare bark between. Hress vine readily cling and dangle from each layer, and the crooks of branches are home to tekk, as well as tantekk and many other small climbing or flying creatures.

There are only two primary trees, which reproduce through two means: by sprouting runners to grow miniature versions of themselves throughout the Crater, and, on exceptionally rare occasions, by producing a single seed. The Southern Harlech Tree is much younger than its Northern counterpart, and is a direct descendent. Each is large enough to be seen from miles distant, and supports an entire colony of tekk. Their exact lifespan in unknown, but it is suspected that they live hundreds, if not thousands of years.

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