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This page is dedicated for hosting quotes and citations from Meghan Taylor that can be used to reference material for the wiki, from any source. Any pasted text from emails with the authors are approved by her once she signs at the end of it (this act will then be linked to the page history).

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  1. About discussion during the Spring Festival, by Meghan Taylor (email excerpt):

"Discussion" in that case is supposed to be a formal debate. In an ideal situation, someone from the community who has a problem they've noticed, whether personal or community-wide, steps forward to present their problems to the Kantreska (sort of like Shanka and Annen were doing in Chapter One, to Shensin in Gessick; it's just that in Oros they actually do it as an annual gathering than as a daily scheduled thing like in Gessick), if anyone else in the crowd wants to add to that, they can, and after a bit the Kantreska makes a judgement on what's to be done. It's community talk, more or less, so it would be a quiet argument of sorts. And they just continue until everyone's satisfied. Sometimes it can take all night, but that's why they make a party out of the whole ordeal. --Meghan Taylor (email excerpt), approved by (waiting for the author approval by signing)