Oros is a community in southwestern Tarsin, home to an estimated five hundred tikedi residents. It consists of a sandy basin, sheltered on nearly all sides by rocky slopes. The area is dotted, particularly in the cliff shadows, with an ever shifting pattern of tents, huts, and open squares for festivities, community work, and markets.

It is located approximately seven hours' walk from Crater's Edge, and two days' caravan journey from the northern border of Tieke province.

The CavernEdit


The Cavern of Oros. From the webcomic. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

A natural cave, formed in the hollow core of the largest of the buttes that make up the borders of the town, is the most important feature of Oros. At its center is a small lake, believed to be fed by an underground stream, that has served as the most reliable source of water for the community's needs since its founding. Its existence allows for limited agriculture, mostly centered on livestock: a herd of horon are almost always present in the community. There are also crops grown in the fertile earth to the immediate north of The Cavern. These are less reliable than the herds, and most food is still procured either through trade with other clans or by search parties that regularly travel through the desert, as far as the Crater itself.


A handful of families in Oros have made their names known throughout the desert and even as far as Tieke City for their skill at weapon smithing, especially involving the spears used for hunting tekk.

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