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Statue of Teyka. From the webcomic. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

Little is known about the true nature of the Seradin people, who visited both the tekk and the tikedi approximately four hundred years before the beginning of Tangent. They currently exist only in legends, and the truth about their intentions remains unknown, as both species report that the Seradin vanished as quickly and unexpectedly as they arrived. So quickly, in fact, that they simply left behind a great deal of their tools and supplies.

The White Demons[]

The tekk tell of hated white monsters, who came without warning (reportedly from the stars, hinting at extraterrestrial origin, but it is worth noting that neither the tekk nor the tikedi have explored even their own world beyond the continent they inhabit), trespassed in the Crater, and were ultimately driven away. They fear their return, and the possibility of further Seradin influence on the tikedi and the balance.

Potential Specimen[]

Possible Seradin remains. From the webcomic. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

The remains of an large skeleton hang in a hollowed out space high in the Northern Harlech Tree, where high ranking tekk would specifically seek remembrances of the times when the Seradin visited.

The creature would have stood approximately eight feet tall, and appears to have a carnivore's teeth and the remains of what could have been a tail. It otherwise appears vaguely humanoid.

The Legends of Teyka[]

In the Tieke tales, the Seradin are viewed instead as generous and benevolent, and responsible (directly in some cases, indirectly in others) for a great many advancements in Tieke technology, as well as with providing them with a rudimentary understanding of science, particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering and biology.

The most famous of the Seradin in Tieke stories is Teyka, the Traveller viewed by the Priestesses of Teyka as a divinely sent being. A massive temple devoted to her worship stands in the northern district of Tieke City, and in the center of the main hall is a statue of her and two as yet unidentified tikedi. While it's impossible to determine how accurate the rendition of her is, the statue shares many similarities to the skeleton in the Crater: she is portrayed as very tall - twice the height of a tikedi - and humanoid, although again with sharp teeth, a long blunt tail, pointed animal-like ears, and large clawed feet.