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Tantekk. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

Tantekk (literally "small tekk" in the tikedi language) are small feathered and winged serpents, averaging two feet in length, which are closely related to the tekk. They inhabit both The Crater and Tarsin. A few have been spotted in Tieke, but those populations seem limited. They are often brightly colored and, unlike their larger cousins, do not seem to have any degree of sentience or culture.

Some varieties of Tantekk are prolific in the southern Tarsin Desert as well as the Crater. Where the Crater-born tantekk tend towards thick plumage and bright colors, those that inhabit the buttes of the desert are drab and often featherless. They are sometimes kept as pets or as tracking animals, but rarely. They often follow Tarsin hunters on the way to the Crater, hoping to scavenge from the carcasses of slain tekk. In Gessick, tantekk that tag along are viewed as bad omens and every attempt is made to scare them off.