The Tarsin tikedi are tribal by nature. The majority of them are nomadic. These groups are typically small, with populations barely over a hundred in most cases. Larger groups will rely on shelters that they can compact and carry with them, while smaller groups gravitate towards natural shelters found in the buttes and rocky outcroppings that litter the deserts. It is not uncommon for them to travel also with a herd of livestock, usually herbivorous mammals such as the horon.

All tribes, nomadic or not, are well-versed in the art of negotiation and bartering. This includes dealing with other tribes as well as with tikedi from other nations, particularly the Tieke. Without the assistance and cooperation of others, survival for each tribe would be extremely difficult if not impossible due to the harsh desert climate. These hardships and challenges have led the Tarsin people to be a shrewd and thoughtful people, with a deep sense of tradition and a profound respect for the power and patterns of nature.

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