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Shan'rekk, king of the Northern tekk. From the webcomic. Artist: Meghan Taylor.

The tekk are a predatory species that straddles the line between reptilian and avian nature. They are warm-blooded and quadrupedal, but with six highly specialized limbs in total. Aside from hind and forelegs, tekk possess a pair of large membraned wings that can carry them through sustained flight for up to a few miles if need be, but which are more commonly used for gliding from tree-top to tree-top. Both fore and hind legs serve dual purposes. The former doubles as a pair of fairly nimble hands, and the latter, typically covered with a thick fan of feathers, can be splayed out perfectly horizontal and used as a secondary pair of wings to help with achieving lift.

They live exclusively in The Crater, a territory that is largely unexplored by the tikedi, and keep mainly to the trees and the skies. If they venture outside of their homeland, they never stay longer than necessary before retreating again.

There is a poorly understood symbiosis between the tekk and the two massive harlech trees in which they live. They do not seem to be able to survive long away from the tree.

They are a sentient species, with a language and a culture, although very little is known about the exact workings of that culture due to their segregation from their tikedi neighbors. The two species share hunting rules and an unspoken treaty, but little else. Their language, which consists of equal parts vocalization and body language, is just as difficult to decipher.