The tekk communicate in a largely non-verbal fashion, through gestures both grandiose and incredibly subtle, as well as through pheromone signals (all of which is conveniently translated within the comic, of course, as the difficulty in properly portraying a tekk conversation is rather staggering). Their spoken language is rudimentary at best, and tends towards brevity. If context allows that it can be said with a single word, then a single word is all that is used.

The only translations of tekk words and phrases come from Jahrd's studies. Below are a few words he has uncovered the meaning for.


( AR-ah-shek) A general negative, essentially the equivalent of "no" and very dependent on context. It can be used either to express disagreement or as a command to stop. In some situations it can even be used as an insult, especially as a statement of distrust or wavering loyalty, and so it should be used with caution.


(TEE-kay-kay) The closest a tekk beak can get to shaping the word Tieke.

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