Prophecy of the Circle Wiki

Tieke (tee-AY-kay) City is the only known settlement in all of Tieke, but it is the largest in all of the known world, and is inhabited by a tikedi population said to number in the thousands, and consisting of Tieke, Tarsin, and even occasional Harangin.

The city was built directly into the crescent shaped cliff-side surrounding Teyka Bay as an intricate network of tunnels, caves, and carved terraces.

At its base is the harbor, and the cliff top is thick with forested land. In the northern-most sector of the city is the Temple of Teyka's Faithful, with elaborate towers carved and shaped from green rock and glass at great expense. The main hall is massive, and features an incredibly large statue of Teyka herself, as well as two of her tikedi followers.

It is not only a place of worship, but also a home to the Priestesses of Teyka, who live as a sisterhood, going as far as to share a common last name - Coritani - despite whatever family they were born to. It is also home to the most gravely ill or invalid and the healers who tend to them. Engineering workshops are behind locked and guarded doorways, only accessible to a few, and even then there always seem to be deeper levels with even higher security.

In the center of the bay is an island: a natural rock spire known as Novarc Tower, the seat of the Tieke Kantreska's government and the main headquarters for the Novarc Guard. It is the only structure to rival the Temple for sheer height.